Boxed Cookbook Gifts With Music CDs

  • Menus and Music

    Inspiring food, music,
    art, and travel!

    Menus and Music boxed sets include cookbooks with recipes by
    chefs at celebrated restaurants
    worldwide that
    are adapted for home cooks. The accompanying CDs
    have performances by Grammy-Award winners and other great musicians.

  • MusicCooks

    Delicious food and great music!

    Boxed recipes with great music. Each laminated recipe card has a delicious recipe, stunning food photo, cook's tips, and a shopping and pantry list. When the music by Grammy Award winners and other great musicians combines with the food, MusicCooks creates a sensational experience!

  • Dinner Music Series

    Music CDs

    Music by Grammy Award winners and other great musicians to enjoy when you're cooking and during dinner. Each Menus and Music CD includes liner notes with two delicious recipes and a food photo!

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Cookbook gifts are perfect for everyone who loves cooking and great food. Half the fun of experiencing a great meal is the atmosphere, and of course the other half is the delicious menu. Our dinner cookbooks create extraordinary meals, and when you combine them with our great music, the effect can be magical. Imagine enjoying authentic Tuscan dishes with music that captures the soul of Italy, or make some authentic tapas recipes from Barcelona while listening to our Grammy Award winning flamenco music. Hit all the right notes with recipes for two from talented American chefs with romantic jazz ballads. Or throw a casual dinner party with easy recipes for American home cooking along with soulful blues, or cook some satisfying comfort food and enjoy classic rock & roll hits of the 50s and 60s that everyone knows. Heat up the stove, turn up the music, and have some fun!