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June Collection 2023

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Lemon Placemats Lemon Placemats
Price: $32.95
Garden Trowel Garden Trowel
Price: $26.00
Bratwurst Kit includes: 3 fully cooked, 100% pork Bratwurst Sausages (12 oz pack); One jar (16 oz) naturally fermented Sauerkraut; One jar (8 oz) Stoneground Mustard. Bratwurst Kit
Price: $58.00
Pixie Tangerines five pound box Pixie Tangerines
Price: $49.95
Gift Box with Paris Tea Tin, Lemon Curd, Cotton Tea Towel, Organic Scottish Lemon Melts Cookies, French Mints Tin, Invitation to Tea Teatime Gift Box
Price: $78.00
Blueberry Tea 15 sachets for 30 cups of tea caffeine free Blueberry Tea
Price: $14.95
The Risotto Box includes: Dried French Porcini Mushrooms, Carnaroli Rice, Partana Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Matiz Saffron, Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Wedge, and 2 favorite recipes The Risotto Box
Price: $76.00