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Tall Brass Peppermill Brass Peppermill
Price: $104.00
Tall Copper Peppermill Copper Peppermill
Price: $104.00
The Risotto Box includes: Dried French Porcini Mushrooms, Carnaroli Rice, Partana Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Matiz Saffron, Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Wedge, and 2 favorite recipes The Risotto Box
Price: $76.00

Quality cookware in a kitchen is the sign of a serious cook and baker. Copper and glass stand out proudly, while olive wood adds a touch of warmth. If you know a cook who deserves to have the best, shower him or her with unique kitchenware gifts.

Other unique gifts for cooks can be designer bowls and trivets from artists around the world. Frank Lloyd Wright is known for his blend of nature and straight lines, and a wooden Tulip Window Trivet with his design will make a great housewarming gift or gourmet cooking gift. A pair of hand-painted Ricco Deruta mugs from Deruta, Italy, will delight a coffee or tea drinker.

A gourmet cooking gift doesn't have to be reserved for others. If you have always wanted a French Carving Set by Laguiole like grandma used, treat yourself! Or try our Olive Wood Salad Bowl, and you may discover what the secret of her special salads. You can’t go wrong with our wide selection of quality gourmet cooking gifts that will serve as a constant reminder of your kindness.