Sharon O'Connor

Cellist, Author, and President of Menus and Music

“Here’s to delicious homemade food and great music—two of the best things in life!”

Sharon O'Connor

Sharon O’Connor is one of those lucky people who have managed to build a career around their passions. She travels the world working with great chefs and musicians—bringing together food, music, art, and travel—to create Menus and Music, MusicCooks, and the MusicCooks Travel Series.

After graduating from the University of California with degrees in music and sociology, Sharon studied at the renowned Amsterdam Conservatory of Music. At the same time she explored another treasure of European culture…its cuisine! Traveling throughout Europe, she experienced cooking that centuries of culture have elevated to an art form.

In her remarkable career as a musician, Sharon has performed with famed musicians such as Tony Bennett, Aretha Franklin, John Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, Linda Ronstadt, Carlos Santana, Art Pepper, Boz Scaggs, Dionne Warwick and Frank Sinatra.  She founded the San Francisco String Quartet, and for sixteen years the quartet concertized and recorded and also performed every week in the gorgeous Garden Court of San Francisco’s Palace Hotel.

When Sharon founded Menus and Music publishing, she became the first person to ever package a cookbook with music. She is the author of 19 cookbooks that have sold more than 3 million copies and the producer of more than 30 music recordings. Sharon next introduced MusicCooks and MusicCooks Travel, boxed recipe cards with sensational food photos and music CDs. Sharon now publishes the Menus and Music Catalog and also is a judge for the James Beard Awards.

Sharon O’Connor lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her husband and daughters enthusiastically help with research and tasting.